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What Evolvement Means in My Words by Brittany Romero

Hello, My name is Brittany Romero. I am going to be a junior at Mora High School, and I am a freshman at Luna Community College. I have been in Evolvement for a year and this is gonna be my second year. I joined Evolvement to help not only my school and community, but  help … Read More

What It Means To Be A Leader at My School by Mia Rodriguez

Hello, My name is Mia Rodriguez, I’m a recent graduate of Capital High School. I was in my sophomore year of high school when I joined Evolvement. In the summer before entering my senior year, I joined the Leadership Team.  What makes a good leader? It’s being able to communicate with other teammates and being … Read More

My Virtual Day of Action Experience by Tearza Valencia, Grants HS

Hello! My name is Tearza Valencia and I’m a Junior at Grants High School. I became a member of Evolvement just this year. Despite being new to the cause, I recently had the opportunity to speak with my state legislators during the Virtual Day of Action and I took it! Events like the Virtual Day … Read More

My Experience in Evolvement – Kamorie Thomas, Navajo Preparatory School

My name is Kamorie Thomas and I go to Navajo Preparatory School and I have been in Evolvement for two years going into my third year. I joined Evolvement to be a part of making a difference in communities and doing something that can help change other people’s lives. Also to improve on my public … Read More

Youth in the Policymaking Process by Cali W., Portales HS

My name is Cali Walker and I am a junior from Portales High in southeast New Mexico. This will be my third year with the Evolvement program and my second on the leadership team. Being a part of this program has allowed me to grow my skills in many areas, including my confidence levels. This … Read More

I Want to Be the Change in My Generation

Hello everyone, my name is Loree Foster.  I am a junior at Aztec high school, I have been in Evolvement going on 3 years now, and this is my first year on the Leadership Team. I want to share my input on our youth at my school under the influence of tobacco products, including e-cigarettes. … Read More

My Evolvement Summit Experience by Emilia Coombs, APECHS HS

My name is Emilia Coombs. I am a Junior at Arrowhead Park Early College high School in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I have been a member of Evolvement for three years, but this is my first year on the Evolvement Leadership Team. In order to join the Leadership Team, you must go to a Summit … Read More

My Experience Arrowhead Park Trunk or Treat Event by Emilio T

Hi, my name is Emilio Trejo, I am currently a freshman at Arrowhead Park Early College High School. I joined Evolvement in 2019 and since then have done work for both parts of the organization, “No Minor Sale,” and “24/7”. No Minor Sale advocates for tobacco retailer licensing, which in turn decreases the risk of … Read More

Taking Action at the State Capitol

My name is Karina Tarango and I am a senior at Capital High School located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I have been in Evolvement for two years and this year is the first year in which I participate in the leadership team. This year, I’ve had the opportunity of going to the State Capitol … Read More

Policy in New Mexico

Hello, My name is Nathan and I am a sophomore at Tucumcari High School. This is my second year in Evolvement, and I am on the Leadership Team. Policy is implemented to set rules. It is important because it helps stop problems that we are working on. For example, if someone doesn’t want guns at … Read More