Youth advocating for healthy communities

Evolvement® is a national award-winning youth engagement model empowering teens to work toward meaningful change in their communities.

Youth Engagement MODEL

Evolvement is an initiative by Rescue, a behavior change agency. Rescue works with government and nonprofit clients to implement Evolvement as part of comprehensive behavior change strategies. Specifically, the Evolvement model activates the power of local youth leaders to contribute meaningfully and tangibly to behavior change programs through policy change and/or health education, while providing leadership and skill building to youth members.

Effective youth
engagement can:

Generate and amplify public support

Garner the support of key decision makers

Change public opinion

Help to successfully change public health policies

Drive earned media

Give youth a voice and meaningful role in improving the health of their communities

Rescue developed the Evolvement model based on over a decade of experience engaging youth in public health across the US and Canada, including programs in Virginia, New Mexico, Nevada, Missouri, Alberta, Louisiana, Colorado and Oklahoma.

This ability to build upon compound experiences from multiple locations has allowed Rescue to develop youth engagement strategies that adhere to the CDC’s Best Practices for Youth Engagement while setting new standards for achieving impactful policy results with youth leaders.

How It Works

Rescue gives government agencies and nonprofits the opportunity to establish a local program with the infrastructure and best practices of the national Evolvement model. This means clients don’t have to go through the costly process of creating a new program from scratch.

Bring Evolvement
to your Community

To learn more about how to bring Evolvement to your community, please contact:

Dina Weldin,

Group Management Director