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What It Means To Be A Leader at My School by Mia Rodriguez

Hello, My name is Mia Rodriguez, I’m a recent graduate of Capital High School. I was in my sophomore year of high school when I joined Evolvement. In the summer before entering my senior year, I joined the Leadership Team.  What makes a good leader? It’s being able to communicate with other teammates and being … Read More

My Virtual Day of Action Experience by Tearza Valencia, Grants HS

Hello! My name is Tearza Valencia and I’m a Junior at Grants High School. I became a member of Evolvement just this year. Despite being new to the cause, I recently had the opportunity to speak with my state legislators during the Virtual Day of Action and I took it! Events like the Virtual Day … Read More

Why Tobacco Policies Are Important for the Youth

My name is Elena Pearson and I am an upcoming senior at Capital High School. This will be my second year in Evolvement and I can honestly say that joining is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. High school is where you find your passions. Working to change the flaws in our system, … Read More

Training Season

It is 2019 at Valencia High School and my name is Serenity Richetti and this is my 2nd year in Evolvement. I joined Evolvement because both of my parents are major smokers. I found out about Evolvement when the Youth Field Organizer came to my school. She made me feel like I could make a … Read More

Partnering with Tent City

Hi my name is Kaitlyn Romero from Gadsden High School. I am a senior and this is my second year in Evolvement and my first year as an ENMLT member. What I will be talking about is a future project I want to work on. The future project I want to work on is a … Read More

100% Tobacco Free

My name is Amanda Sena. I am a junior at Atrisco Heritage Academy High School in Albuquerque, NM. This is my second year in Evolvement and my first year on the Leadership Team. Being a part of Evolvement let me to stand up for tobacco-free schools. It is important that schools go tobacco-free because students … Read More

Youth in Policy

Yá’át’ééh, Shí éí Sky. I am a senior at Navajo Preparatory School in Farmington, New Mexico. I have been with Evolvement for four years, and this will be my second year on the leadership team. Evolvement is a program that urges students to serve as advocates for themselves, and their community. As an organization, Evolvement … Read More

A Day at the Capitol

Hi my name is Tammy. I’m a student at Atrisco Heritage Academy High School. This is my first year in Evolvement. So far, I have even been to Moriarty and presented an award to the Moriarty-Edgewood School Board for adopting our 100% comprehensive tobacco free school policy. I also was able to attend NM ACT … Read More

My Role as an Evolvement NM Youth Leader

Hi, my name is Eliana Ruiloba and I am a junior at Atrisco Heritage Academy High School. This is my second year in Evolvement, but my first year as a Evolvement leadership team member. I have participated in presenting to state legislatures about our wonderful program and participated in several school and community events. Tobacco … Read More

Youth Advocates are “Fired Up”

Hello! Our names are Alexander Lujan and A’Leaya Lucero of Evolvement from Tucumcari High School.  I, Alexander, am new to Evolvement this year and Fired Up was my first event. I, A’Leaya Lucero, have been apart of Evolvement for three years. I am apart of the Evolvement New Mexico Leadership Team and I have been … Read More