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What Evolvement Means in My Words by Brittany Romero

Hello, My name is Brittany Romero. I am going to be a junior at Mora High School, and I am a freshman at Luna Community College. I have been in Evolvement for a year and this is gonna be my second year. I joined Evolvement to help not only my school and community, but  help … Read More

What It Means To Be A Leader at My School by Mia Rodriguez

Hello, My name is Mia Rodriguez, I’m a recent graduate of Capital High School. I was in my sophomore year of high school when I joined Evolvement. In the summer before entering my senior year, I joined the Leadership Team.  What makes a good leader? It’s being able to communicate with other teammates and being … Read More

My Virtual Day of Action Experience by Tearza Valencia, Grants HS

Hello! My name is Tearza Valencia and I’m a Junior at Grants High School. I became a member of Evolvement just this year. Despite being new to the cause, I recently had the opportunity to speak with my state legislators during the Virtual Day of Action and I took it! Events like the Virtual Day … Read More

My Experience in Evolvement – Kamorie Thomas, Navajo Preparatory School

My name is Kamorie Thomas and I go to Navajo Preparatory School and I have been in Evolvement for two years going into my third year. I joined Evolvement to be a part of making a difference in communities and doing something that can help change other people’s lives. Also to improve on my public … Read More

Youth in the Policymaking Process by Cali W., Portales HS

My name is Cali Walker and I am a junior from Portales High in southeast New Mexico. This will be my third year with the Evolvement program and my second on the leadership team. Being a part of this program has allowed me to grow my skills in many areas, including my confidence levels. This … Read More

Why a Day of Action Matters – Youth Activism Blog by Joey Maldonado

Hello, my name is Joey Maldonado and I am a Junior at Atrisco Heritage Academy High School. I have been a part of Evolvement for about 4 months now. I have not participated in ENMLT but I hope to in the near future. Evolvement has been a great experience and I plan to do it … Read More

Evolvement: Memories from Day at the Capitol

Howdy there, my name is Aracely Flores-Ramirez and I’m a junior at Valencia High School and this is my very first year with the Evolvement program here in New Mexico. Even before I learned about this amazing organization and its partner programs, keeping my generation from becoming addicted to tobacco has always been a priority … Read More

What It Means to Be a Leader at My School by Lauren To, APECHS, Las Cruces

Hi, my name is Lauren To and I am a Sophomore at Arrowhead Park Medical Academy. I’ve been in Evolvement since 2019 and this year will be my first on the Evolvement Leadership Team. I’m here to share how Evolvement has helped me become a better leader and help better my school community.          Before … Read More

Youth in Policy

Hi, my name is Desbah Begay. I am 15 years old and I am an upcoming sophomore at Newcomb High School. I have been a member of Evolvement for about a year now and I have also been involved with ENMLT for a few months. To be completely honest, I have never heard of “Evolvement” … Read More

Tobacco-Free Schools Can Improve Our Communities

Hello, my name is Alyssa B., and this year I’m going to be a junior at Newcomb High School. I have been in Evolvement for 2 years, and this year will be my third year in Evolvement. I joined Evolvement because I want to help my school and community understand that, when smoking, you’re affecting … Read More