What It Means to Be a Leader at My School by Lauren To, APECHS, Las Cruces

Hi, my name is Lauren To and I am a Sophomore at Arrowhead Park Medical Academy. I’ve been in Evolvement since 2019 and this year will be my first on the Evolvement Leadership Team. I’m here to share how Evolvement has helped me become a better leader and help better my school community.

         Before I start, I feel that I should explain what makes a leader good and capable of leading their community. To me, a leader is someone who is dependable, trustworthy, and capable of clearly communicating with their community, and that’s precisely what Evolvement has helped me become. Evolvement has helped me become a better leader by showing me what a good leader can do, and by supporting me when I am put into a leadership position. One instance that immediately comes to mind is during a virtual event that we held with Sol Calypso. Me and three other Evolvers were asked to lead the event, and I remember that I was really nervous because it was my first time ever being put into that kind of situation. When the event came around, I received a lot of support from Evolvement and it helped me gain confidence in myself and my leadership skills. Even after that event, Evolvement has shown me time after time that I can be a good leader and it has given me the tools to become a great leader.

         Evolvement has really shown me that we can make a difference and that every little thing does count. Because of that lesson, in my school community, I’ve changed the way I used to think and I now understand that a good leader, someone who cares, can make the biggest difference. I’m extremely proud that I can be a part of an organization such as Evolvement, and I know that the lessons that Evolvement teaches me will stick with me my entire life, especially when advocating for anything or leading anything.

Evolvement not only teaches valuable life lessons, but it also is trying to change our communities for the better. This year I’m looking forward to doing more for Evolvement by being a part of the Evolvement Leadership team. The leadership team is in a position where they can do more, not only for Evolvement, but for their communities and futures. I hope that in the future, I’m able to host more virtual events, and maybe even do a radio appearance. Evolvement has helped me become a leader and a person who is willing to go out and do more. Evolvement has given me more than I could ever dream of, and I know that we’re going to make history.

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