Tobacco-Free Schools Can Improve Our Communities

Hello, my name is Alyssa B., and this year I’m going to be a junior at Newcomb High School. I have been in Evolvement for 2 years, and this year will be my third year in Evolvement. I joined Evolvement because I want to help my school and community understand that, when smoking, you’re affecting not only your body but also your health. I also want them to understand that what they are doing could also be affecting others around them. In other words, I want to make a change for everyone to be tobacco free. For me as a teenager, tobacco is a very important topic because I have seen tobacco change my friends in a negative way. 

It is important that schools go tobacco-free because it could be a distraction for others by affecting their thinking process and ability to focus. As a student, I’d feel worried about my classmates, friends and other students that use tobacco products because of the toxic ingredients they are inhaling, breathing or swallowing. As an older sister, I want my sister to be tobacco-free as well as her school. I personally don’t want the next generation to fall into the phase of getting into tobacco. I would rather have them be completely tobacco-free. 

Having a tobacco-free policy at school would probably affect the community in good ways as well because there are other things to do at home and it could bring closer together. Students can be influenced by a tobacco-free policy by making more time for studying, or focusing on bettering themselves. The tobacco-free policy would also help improve their health. In conclusion, I believe tobacco-free policies can help make a difference/change, not only in schools but in the community too.

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