I Want to Be the Change in My Generation

Hello everyone, my name is Loree Foster.  I am a junior at Aztec high school, I have been in Evolvement going on 3 years now, and this is my first year on the Leadership Team. I want to share my input on our youth at my school under the influence of tobacco products, including e-cigarettes.

It’s important to me that schools go tobacco-free because, if we do not end this now, it’s going to get way worse for our future generations, such as our children and our great grandchildren, and so forth. I want to be the change, not only in my community, but I want to really make an impact on our future youth. I feel like my other classmates tend to put pressure on their peers in school. But our school is a place for learning, not to use things such as tobacco and E-cigarettes because it doesn’t only affect them, it affects us around them as well. Being under the influence can change your mood, personality, learning ability and so much more. And those things can affect those around you.

I’m only 16, and some tend to view people my age as someone who does drugs and such. So most people in school will just offer tobacco to you, or they will say things such as, “If you don’t smoke/vape then you’re a big wuss” or “If you ain’t going to smoke/vape then you can’t be around us” or “Just do it, or we will have to make you”. That I do not like what so ever. Tobacco should only be a choice when I’m an adult. Not as an underage kid. I am now a volunteer firefighter here in Aztec, and I strive to be drug and tobacco-free, all day, everyday, 24/7, so that I can help my community and to do my job efficiently.

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