Evolvement Training from My Perspective by: Lauren To

My name is Lauren To and I’m a Freshman at Arrowhead Park Medical Academy. I’ve also been in Evolvement for one year. To be completely honest, I joined Evolvement because it sounded like fun. I came to attend the training after Evolvement did a presentation in my school’s cafeteria. A couple friends and I were listening to the presentation and we decided to sign up.

The training was held at my school on the 27th of September 2019. When my friends and I arrived at the training, everyone there was extremely helpful and nice. We listened to presentations and did interactive activities around the topic of tobacco control. I learned that I wanted to make my school and home a better place, and that there were others who wanted to, as well. My personal favorite moment was when we were asked to go out during lunch and gather 10 complete surveys. Having that interaction with other people in a way that was beneficial to my school just made me feel happy.

This training completely changed my view of the world that I’m living in. Issues that I’ve never been completely interested in were enlarged right in front of my eyes. I learned that tobacco control in my community needs to change, and I can help change it. I’d say to anyone that asks about joining Evolvement, even if you’re undecided, the training is a great way to get back up on your feet and learn that you’re supported by an entire community of people. The bonds that you make with people who want the same thing that you do, to create a better school state, are strong and can become unbreakable.

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