My Experience at Training 2020

By: Dounyai Woodward

My name is Dounyai, Sophomore at V.Sue Cleveland, and it is my first year being in Evolvement. I joined evolvement because I wanted to further my knowledge about the selling of tobacco to minors and how it sparked interest in the eyes of teens. The process wasn’t very difficult at all. My class happened to attend a meeting for evolvement and it sparked my interest to attend the training. 

The training was on a school day, on January 22 in the morning. I was given a folder with paper and information of what evolvement is and how it works, it was a very welcoming atmosphere. There was an informational presentation along with activities to do, such as getting in a group and answering questions after watching a video on the issues surrounding tobacco that you and your group mates were given. We also were fed Subway for lunch which was pretty great! My favorite lesson or activity I learned from the training was when we were given the task to collect MOPS (surveys) from students during lunch. 

What I took away from this experience was being open and communicating with fellow students and how to approach them. It benefitted me because I was able to work on my communication skills, it also benefited my fellow evolvement students because it also brought more awareness towards tobacco usage and sales towards minors. New evolvement students can expect at this upcoming training that you’ll be asked for your knowledge about this cause and to interact with those around you. Returning evolvement students should continue coming to training because it benefits you with the point system and you’re able to help bring awareness towards others! 

I encourage others to join Evolvement because it teaches you how to present, approach a crowd, and to become a leader. It gives you an enriching experience!

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