NM Youth Believe Tobacco has NO place in schools

My name is Amanda Sena, I am a sophomore at Atrisco Heritage Academy High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I joined Evolvement this past year and so far I have introduced the 24/7 NM campaign to my friends. I have participated, in explaining to parents and students what I do as an advocate for Evolvement and how we are working with 24/7 NM to make all schools 100% tobacco free.

At Atrisco Heritage Academy High School’s Open House we educated others about 24/7 NM. At the event I offered people to spin the prize wheel in return for filling out a 24/7 NM school assessment. For this being my first event we were soaked by the rain but still had a great time. We interacted with over 50 people at the open house and collected over 40 valid 24/7 NM school assessments. Many parents would tell me they didn’t know if their child’s school had consequences if they were caught with tobacco products on campus.

Being involved and attending events is important to me because the more events you attend the more people will be informed about tobacco usage in schools. Informing the community can help make schools 100% tobacco free. Making schools tobacco free is an issue many people are passionate about because if this issue is resolved then youth will not be exposed to tobacco and this can prevent addiction or illness from tobacco use. Attending 24/7 events are fun, you can hang out with friends and still help spread the word about making schools tobacco free.

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