Youth Advocates are “Fired Up”

Hello! Our names are Alexander Lujan and A’Leaya Lucero of Evolvement from Tucumcari High School.  I, Alexander, am new to Evolvement this year and Fired Up was my first event. I, A’Leaya Lucero, have been apart of Evolvement for three years. I am apart of the Evolvement New Mexico Leadership Team and I have been involved in many campaigns with Evolvement, including No Minor Sale. No Minor Sale is a youth led campaign trying to end the illegal sell of tobacco to minors across New Mexico. We believe No Minor Sale is important for New Mexico for the simple reason that these illegal sales affect New Mexico’s future generations’ health and wellbeing.

The Fired Up event was a huge success this year. Our No Minor Sale event took place at Tucumcari’s Railroad Museum. We interacted with over 200 people and collected over 150 messages of support. A huge number of the people who stopped by our booth were in support of No Minor Sale and the goal we are trying to achieve. It was great to see we have the community on our side. An older gentleman stopped by our booth and told us how he started smoking at around the age of eight. He said if he had not started, he wouldn’t be struggling to stop now in his old age.
We believe it is important for Evolvement youth to get involved and come to events because the more people who help, the more people we can reach, and in the end the more change we can make. This event was fun to take part in because we were able to reach so much more of the community compared to a school event. Youth outside of this campaign should be passionate about the issues because they are the future generation and these issues affect them directly. Overall, we believe this event was a total success and a great kick off event for the No Minor Sale campaign at Tucumcari High School. We are excited and ready for more events to come!

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