Finding my Voice at the ENMLT Summit

Greetings, my name is Caelin Cadman, I’m a senior at Newcomb High School, and a member of the 2018-19 Evolvement New Mexico Leadership Team (ENMLT). Being a member of Evolvement I’ve donated my blood at a blood drive and helped be a part of a “Haunted School” event where I got to scare friends and my teachers. The summer of 2018 I attended the ENMLT summit. Which is an event held to prepare all Evolvement leaders statewide. The summit enhanced my knowledge of Evolvement and its campaigns, brought me out of my comfort zone to really be confident, and I learned to believe in myself. This happened through a networking event that was held during the summit; seeing that many mature adults all had an interest in the difference I’m trying to make through Evolvement really motivated me and I felt as if I had found my voice. What I mean by that is, thanks to the summit, I’m now able to express myself without feeling embarrassed to do so and I’m now a much better leader that speaks with integrity and honor about Evolvement and myself. I’ve met many great people in the summit and would call it one of the greatest learning experiences of my life due to its great positive vibes. I’m excited to lead my Evolvement group this year in hopes to inspire another Evolver to become a leader just as I have. The summit is non-stop fun, filled with great people, loads of knowledge about leadership, and great food!

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