Kicking Butts Through the 24/7 Campaign

Hello, my name is A’Leaya and I am a sophomore at Tucumcari High School. I am a member of Evolvement and have participated in several events in my school and community.

On March 21, I participated in Kick Butts Day, a national day of action, by hosting a 24/7 campaign event. It felt great being a part of such an important day that joined youth all over the country in the fight against big tobacco. For our event, other Evolvers and I set up an interactive booth at Tucumcari Middle School where we informed our younger peers about the 24/7 NM campaign, which ensures that all schools in New Mexico are truly tobacco-free.

At the table, we collected over 130 assessments, which asked questions about tobacco use and policies at the school. Then they had the option to vote on different tactics their school could use to strengthen their tobacco-free school environment. With their vote, they entered a drawing to win a 24/7 campaign water bottle. The middle schoolers really absorbed a lot of the information we gave them about having a tobacco-free school environment.

It is extremely important for youth to get involved and attend events because it shows our peers how important tobacco control is and how it improves our future, because tobacco also affects the world we will live in as adults. Evolvement has educated me on this issue and so much more. I am excited to see what changes will happen and continue to work towards a healthier future.

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