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Why You Should Bring Evolvement to Your School

Hi my name is Kaycee Lease and I have been a part of Evolvement since 2015. I’m currently a member of the Evolvement New Mexico Leadership Team. I go to Tucumcari High School and will be graduating in May of 2017. Being a part of Evolvement has been a great way for me to express … Read More

ENMLT Summit: Building Leadership and Skills

Hello, my name is Kyle White. I am from Crownpoint, New Mexico and I am a senior at Crownpoint High School. I am a proud member of the 2016-17 Evolvement New Mexico Leadership Team. As an Evolvement activist I’ve worked on previous projects, such as Clear The Haze, (dis)tasteful, and 24/7. These campaigns involved demonstrating … Read More

Starting the Year Off Strong in Evolvement

My name is Christina Zuni. I am 17 years old and currently a senior at Los Lunas High School. Once I graduate high school, I hope to slowly start working towards earning a degree within the film industry. With everything I have learned or will learn, I have high hopes of continuing to give my … Read More

We are the Return on Investment

Hello our names are Faviola Marin and Maia Aguino and we are both students at V. Sue Cleveland High School. We have been in Evolvement for 3 years, and are current members of the Evolvement New Mexico Leadership Team. Being on the leadership team has been a very rewarding experience; it’s been an honor to … Read More

Youth Leadership Team Kicks Off Year

My name is Savannah Shaver and I am a youth activist with Y Street and a 2016-2017 member of the Y Street Leadership Team. As a member of Y Street, I have promoted a healthier Virginia by educating my peers and community members about the dangers of sugary drinks through the Rev Your Bev campaign … Read More

Why Youth Activism Matters

Rev Your Bev Day is important to me because my grandmother now deals with many health issues that can be linked to sugary drinks. I am spending time talking about these health concerns because I would like to make Virginia a healthier state and hope that by informing people of the unhealthy effects of sugary … Read More

Why I Quit Drinking Sugary Drinks

On May 14, 2014, I represented Y Street at Benjamin Franklin Middle School in Rocky Mt, Virginia. The students participated in Rev Your Bev Day during their lunch period. Overall, the kids had a very positive attitude. I remember a young girl at the event who was so shocked by the sugar cube display and … Read More

Raise Support for a Ban on Flavored Tobacco

My name is Natalie M., I am a sophomore at James Madison High School in Vienna, Virginia, and I have been a member of Y Street – Virginia’s biggest youth-led movement – for almost 2 years. During that time, I have collected public opinion surveys and support cards for the (dis)tasteful campaign with the goal … Read More

New (dis)tasteful Video Shares the Dangers of Flavored Tobacco

Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and blueberry – these words probably bring up a memory of the time when we would dress up in our scariest outfit and go door to door for Halloween in hopes of receiving a sweet treat. Even though sweet memories of stuffing your face with candy may come to mind, these flavors … Read More

Super Hero Rockstars

On Thursday, April 11th, I rode up to Richmond on a train with a really cool Y-Ster named Katelyn. It was just like being in Harry Potter! We were heading to the 2013 Weight of the State conference where Katelyn and I, along with another Y-Ster named Lewis, were doing a presentation about Y Street … Read More