Starting the Year Off Strong in Evolvement

My name is Christina Zuni. I am 17 years old and currently a senior at Los Lunas High School. Once I graduate high school, I hope to slowly start working towards earning a degree within the film industry. With everything I have learned or will learn, I have high hopes of continuing to give my knowledge back to my community. Over the past year, I’ve worked in Evolvement on a campaign called Clear the Haze. Throughout this campaign I learned something new each and every time I did a project. I not only grew in my understanding of why preventing tobacco use is important, but also why we should care for our own health. Being involved made me realize that it’s important to stand up for what you believe in. Once you start slowly gaining a passion for it, adults take you seriously and see that there is hope for our future generations. Within the next year, I hope to show my community new perspectives on the tobacco industry. As time comes, new perspectives mean new ideas. I can’t wait to start a new year with the Evolvement team, because getting to see other people grow is truly the best thing.

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