ENMLT Summit: Building Leadership and Skills

Hello, my name is Kyle White. I am from Crownpoint, New Mexico and I am a senior at Crownpoint High School. I am a proud member of the 2016-17 Evolvement New Mexico Leadership Team. As an Evolvement activist I’ve worked on previous projects, such as Clear The Haze, (dis)tasteful, and 24/7. These campaigns involved demonstrating the importance of the campaign issue and asking New Mexicans to successfully complete Measures of Progress (like surveys). On June 26-29th, the 2016-17 Evolvement New Mexico Leadership Team Summit was hosted in downtown Albuquerque, for four days. The Summit trained the new generation of Evolvers in the skills of public speaking, networking, and policy process. Evolvers eventually became experts in this year’s campaigns — 24/7 and point-of-sale – and we also learned how to compel key decision makers to care about Evolvement issues. Fun activities such as a talent show, icebreakers, and group discussion comforted and electrified each member present. Overall, the ENMLT Summit was a new experience that fostered my courage to lead. The trainings made me contemplate not only about tobacco harming a person’s health, but how the statistics are inevitable to rise if we do not take action. As a new member of the ENMLT, I hope that my leadership will eliminate the negative effects of tobacco in New Mexico. One way to demonstrate this leadership is by promoting the Evolvement campaigns and program so that tobacco will be disposed of once and for all.

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